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Massage and Reflexology
Osborne Clinic
22 Osborne Avenue

                                            Telephone 0191 281 3379


  • Full Body Massage - 60mins - £52 

  • Back Massage - 30mins - £32

Massage therapy is often recommended by Health Professionals as a treatment option for various physical ailments and stress relief. Treatment focuses on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. It is associated with the promotion of wellbeing but can be most effective in:- 
  • easing stress, tension pain, headaches, rigid joints and stiffness
  • relieving chronic pain and alleviating muscle tension
  • reducing blood pressure, boosting circulation and reducing toxins in the body     
  • the treatment of injured muscles including whiplash and back strain

A full individual assessment of client's needs is undertaken to specifically tailor treatment to optimise benefits.

  •  Head Massage - 30mins - £32 

Designed to  relieve neck and shoulder stiffness, sleeping problems and headaches. Firm massage is performed to shoulders, neck,  head and face.


  • Reflexology - 60mins - £42  

Reflexology is a pressure point massage carried out on the feet. This treatment can promote the feeling of wellbeing and aid relaxation. It can also help boost other systems of your body. 

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